Since 1928, thousands of people have visited the Morse Museum to view fierce jungle beasts, intricate ivory carvings, authentic primitive weapons and hundreds of other fascinating curiosities. 

In 1992 hundreds of people attended the final auction of the museum's contents.  They took advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to obtain an object of memorabilia.  Many in attendance had been visiting the museum year after year for their entire life. Objects once on display within the walls of this grand stone building are preserved through this unique photographic tour book titled, "The Morse Museum Story."

The Morse Museum Story book coverOnce again see the mounted "Big Game Trophies" including several pictures of the tiger shot in Indiaís Central Province.  See the eight foot, three inch long lioness from the Masai Reserve in Africa and a huge bull giraffe that weighed over 3500 pounds.  The 600 pound skin of the giraffe took two weeks to cure with 600 pounds of salt.  Skins and mounted heads of other specimens on display include examples of hippo, elephant, wildebeest, zebra, kudu, monkey, impala, spotted hyena, rhinoceros and crocodile.

As the owner of a chain of retail shoe stores in New England, Ira Morse particularly specialized in collecting shoes on his many trips.  Interesting stories of silver sandals belonging to a princess to the red sneakers belonging to a girl lost in the White Mountains are told.  View a picture postcard tour of the vast array of beautiful foreign crafts such as exotic wooden figures from Bali, Indonesia; a tea set made from ostrich eggs and trimmed with ebony; a delicate alabaster and marble model of the Taj Mahal Temple in India; even an ancient temple gong which bears the crest of the Shogun of Tokugawa and is believed to have been used in a Japanese shrine is pictured. 

What ever happened to the 2500 year old Egyptian mummies that were given to the museum by Bensonís Wild Animal Farm?  The story within the story is told.  If you missed seeing the Morse Museum, now is the time for you to capture a piece of the past through the pages of this 100 plus page book compiled by Robert Morse and Philip M. Morse, Jr., grandsons of the original founder Ira H. Morse. This story has been crafted from Robert's collection of family photos, travel diaries, and stories passed down from father to son over the span of more than a half century.

The Morse Museum Story is available for purchase for $30. Contact Brian Morse via email by clicking here to reserve your copy.