Written by Robert Morse

This story covers the period of 1895 to 1992
and in part the life of Ira Herbert Morse and his son Philip Merrill Morse, founders and curators of the Morse Museum in Warren, New Hampshire.

My father, Robert W. Morse passed away November 28, 2012.
My uncle, Philip M. Morse, Jr., passed away July 25, 2020.
My mother, Beatrice A. Morse passed away February, 12, 2021
The joy you get from reading their stories helps ease the pain of our loss.
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Facebook has a Morse Museum page with tons of photos and old movies

Bomba and Banda - The two white houses across the street from the Museum
Which Bullet to Use - A video clip of Philip M. Morse, Sr., from an actual tour he gave of the Morse Museum in 1988.
View a video clip of Phil telling about his interview with Star Price from Ripley's Believe It or Not!

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