A brief summary of The Morse Museum Story.

The Morse Museum was dedicated in 1928. It was built by Ira H. Morse and once housed the collection of his round-the-world curios and big game trophies he and his son Philip M. Morse shot in Tanganyika and Kenya East Africa. The collection of the animals and curios were the subject of hundreds of inside the museum postcards and African safari photos put together in a visual tour of the museum by Robert Morse, son and grandson of the original museum owners.

Photos of African spears and shields that were once part of the collection are a small part of the story of the museum. Mounted lions, hyenas, antelopes, once greeted visitors are now shown in the story of the museum book. Hundreds of pictures in the museum book, many never before seen by the public give you the feeling of almost being on safari with the Morses.

The Morse Museum Story is available for purchase for $30. Contact Brian Morse via email by clicking here to reserve your copy.